A Walk in the Park—Test Your Memory

 By Marty Halverson


Do you know what this is? 

If you do, you belong in Garden Park.

 Everybody had one back in the day.

 I’ll tell you the secret of its popularity.

Back, at the dawn of style, the Flip made its debut.

There were many versions, but Mary’s was the ultimate goal.

It was important to follow the secret directions:


 Seventeen Magazine had monthly diagram updates.


After your hair was put up, you had to sleep like this on Friday night,



Sport this look in town on Saturday,



You could get out your fabulous new Christmas present



And spend a toasty hour under your personal hairdryer!


After some back-combing, smoothing and a can of Aqua Net


You could only hope you’d look like this.


My alternative was a haircut called the Sassoon,


and a curly wiglet.


Just pop it on, and you’re ready to go!

 A few more hair style secrets:

Use orange juice cans for rollers.

Iron your hair on the ironing board for a perfectly straight swing.

Scotch tape your pin curls backwards for a side flip.

(Your could even wear your scotch taped curls to school, for an edgier look.)

 But the queen of hairdos was

The Beehive.

 I bow to your hairness.

 If any of these photos bumped into a memory, you belong in Garden Park.

(If they didn’t, we need you for balance!)


Marty Halverson and her husband Dee are residents of Garden Park. Marty writes other stuff, too, which you can read at TravelinOma and HeritageAssociates. Visit her website: Marty Halverson 




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