A Walk in the Park—Speaking of Neighbors …

By Marty Halverson

Who says hooper “hupper”? A girl from Hooper, Utah, that’s who! Donna Hamblin was a native Hooper-ite and lived there until she was fourteen, when her family moved to Ogden. After her marriage she lived in California for a couple of years and then came back and settled in Tooele. (Who says Tooele “toolie”? A weatherman from outside Utah. Time to speak Utahn!

After working at the Tooele Army Depot for 32 years, Donna took an early retirement and got a real job—hauling dirt in a wheelbarrow, digging weeds, planting trees and fixing broken sprinkler pipes! As the grounds manager for the condo community where they lived, she was in charge of all the landscaping for twelve years, and served as the association president as well. Carrying topsoil did a number on her back, so she took a job at Albertson’s and sacrificed a shoulder and knee to the meat department. It was time to really retire, and recover!

Donna was married for 25 years and had a son and two daughters. They have blessed her with eight grandkids. Since her divorce and a short-lived second marriage, Donna has enjoyed being on her own for twenty years, the last four with a little dog named Cody. Cody gets the very best of care. Recently he spent the day with her daughter and was ready to go when Donna came home and discovered she was locked out. Sympathetic to his needs, and unable to meet them, she got down on all fours and climbed through the doggy door to let him out! That’s puppy love!

Donna ties quilts and makes Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls—she enjoys crafts. She also enjoys her Garden Park neighbors, especially the single ladies who get together regularly for lunch. “I haven’t met anyone in Garden Park that I don’t like,” she says. It’s been her home for over a year. “I go to the swim classes, sometimes the exercise classes, and appreciate being actively involved. I feel safe here.” 

Garden Park is fortunate to have her—that’s “lucky as heck” in Utahn!


Marty Halverson and her husband Dee are residents of Garden Park. Marty writes other stuff, too, which you can read at TravelinOma and HeritageAssociates. Visit her website: Marty Halverson

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