A Walk in the Park—Ring it In!

Illustration by Esther Wilkin

By Marty Halverson

On New Year’s Eve a few years ago I was sitting at the kitchen table with my journal while Dee stood in his socks, facing away from me, seasoning his famous Enthusiastic Stew (he puts everything he’s got into it). Compiling a list of resolutions, I said, “What should be my goal this year?” He spun around on the slippery floor, struck a John Travolta pose, and sang, “Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive!” Luckily, that’s a resolution we’ve kept, and the past 18 months have been livelier than usual. It’s because we got moving—across town.

After some health scares, we decided we might be getting old, and we wanted a place that would be easy to maintain just in case we were right. Daybreak enchanted us with picturesque houses and parks, and when we discovered Garden Park Village within Daybreak, we were dazzled. A 55+ community two minutes from a brand-new hospital—it was just what we needed to welcome our antiquity. But it worked in reverse! We do more now than we did ten years ago. Dee walks three miles twice a day—early in the morning he’s on the treadmill in the clubhouse, late afternoon he’s strolling around the lake. Fun new friends move in on a weekly basis and there are treks on TRAX (the light rail station is two blocks away) to downtown Salt Lake, or dinner and a movie at the Cineplex and one of a dozen restaurants less than five minutes away. Swimming in the summer, potlucks in the winter—our son caught us hanging out with friends again and said, “Who are you people and what have you done with my parents?”

“Stayin’ alive” (in every way) is my resolution for 2013, too. I want to read more books, make more friends, appreciate more blessings, and serve more people. Life is like Dee’s Enthusiastic Stew: better when you put everything you’ve got into it!

 Marty Halverson and her husband Dee are residents of Garden Park. Marty writes other stuff, too, which you can read at TravelinOma and HeritageAssociates. Visit her website: Marty Halverson 

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