A Walk in the Park—Christmas Eve

By Marty Halverson

Did he come yet?



Wow! That was fast.

He’s already in my rear-view mirror!


Hope your Christmas was merry and bright!
Thanks to the Garden Park crew for clearing our sidewalks after a huge Christmas Eve snowstorm. I’m a night-owl, and while I was up at 2:am listening for sleigh bells, I heard the scraping of snow shovels instead. What a treat to wake up and find the flakes stacked neatly on the sidelines, and a safe path to the clubhouse!

There’s a lot going on at the clubhouse this season. Private parties, neighborhood pot-lucks and bookclub discussions, yoga classes, exercise workouts, folks on the treadmills or lifting weights. Check the schedule to see where you fit in, and don’t be embarrassed to join the group for your activity of choice. Everybody is new and looking for new friends. Some suggestions:

1. Empty nesters are parties held the 3rd Monday night of the month at 7:pm. They are typically game nights with get to know you activities and refreshments, but occasionally there’s a full meal planned, and every guest brings a favorite dish.

 2. The first Sunday of every month, there’s a neighborhood pot-luck dinner. The neighbors bring a favorite dish to contribute and we eat at 5:30 pm. Since it’s after church, some folks are still in Sunday best,  while others have their Sunday night casual duds on. The food is always great! Bring your own paper plates, plastic utinsels, cups and napkins for this evening. 

 3. Bookclub is the 4th Monday night of the month in the fireplace nook of the clubhouse. Books for the year have been decided, and whoever suggested the book to the group is the host for the evening, leading a discussion, and providing refreshments that coordinate with the book. We start at 7:pm and anyone is welcome to join. (So far it’s just women.) It’s casual, and it’s most fun if you’ve read the book, and can join in with the discussion. 

It doesn’t need to be Christmas Eve to feel the spirit of Garden Park. There’s a unique atmosphere here throughout the year. But the Man in Red brings out the best in the neighborhood! Start the countdown to next Christmas Eve!



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