A Walk in the Park—Apparitions

By Marty Halverson

If you visit Garden Park Village this time of year you might be spooked by what you see.

The first scary sight is the ghoul with the camera. 

(Run for your lives!)

She’s on the look-out for the walking dead.

Eerie …



(Too bad she didn’t know about the convenient dental clinic.)





Uh-oh … this one’s irate …

Somebody’s irked.


Was the ghoul too creative? 

Was her Halloween trick too tricky?

Was the devil in the photoshopped details?

Is anybody even smiling? 

Obviously some folks are having an out-of-body experience.

But is anybody laughing?

Ah-ha! I hear something … it’s coming from the top of the spiral staircase … 

it sounds like …

Amused cackling!

(He must be bewitched.)

 Happy Halloween to the friendly goblins of Garden Park!  

Marty Halverson and her husband Dee are residents of Garden Park. Marty writes other stuff, too, which you can read at TravelinOma and HeritageAssociates. Visit her website: Marty Halverson 

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